D. BRP Intercooler Kit Install

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On July 17th it took us all morning to finish installing the rest of the engine parts and connecting all the parts and electrical, but we got it done. We did not take any pictures of this, but there are plenty already under other sections of this site.

We used data supplied to us by a Miata.net member who has many pages of old BRP information to figure out how to proceed. It included some pictures that helped us sort out the uses and mounting locations of the brackets and plates for the intercooler.

We started by removing the OEM radiator supports and installing the relocation plates that move the radiator supports towards the engine.

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After we installed them, we found that there were brackets that go behind them to hold the A/C condenser in a new location. So, we had to remove them and install them again correctly.

Then we installed the OEM radiator supports onto the plates.

Matt found a couple protrusions on the radiator core support that had to be removed.

Then we removed the power steering reservoir and installed the relocation plate for it.

Next we attached the A/C condenser to the new support brackets. It took a little effort to get the condenser onto the studs and some finessing of the radiator support brackets, but it bolted in fine.

Now we found that the dryer bracket on the condenser and the dryer had to be moved toward the fender to make room for the intercooler exit tube. The bracket had bent to perpendicular to the condenser. To do this, we took a piece of angle iron and drilled holes for mounting to the bracket.

Then we used a wrench to twist the angle iron and bend the mounting bracket.

Now the A/C dryer tubing had to be carefully bent toward the fender while not breaking the fragile aluminum tubing.

We also found that the old condenser support bracket on the frame rail had to be bent back to allow the dryer to be moved. So we used the angle iron tool again to bent it.

Then we made a bracket to support the dryer in it's new location.

Next the intercooler support was mounted to the radiator core support.

The power steering oil cooler had to be mounted to the intercooler support.

Next we installed the intercooler. We angled it to allow the tubes to miss the upper radiator support. It fit great!

We then tried to fit the PWR radiator. First we tried without the fans attached. This tab on the passenger side frame rail had to be cut off to allow the radiator to fit.

The PWR radiator had come with some OEM fans attached, but they would not fit due to the sway bar and other things in the way. The intercooler kit came with a shroud that fits the PWR radiator and some low profile fans but they are only capable of 800-900 CFM each.

So, wanting more flow, some higher volume low profile fans, Matt ordered some Spal fans that are capable of 1328 CFM each. We will have them before next Saturday and see how they fit.

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