A. BRP M62 Hotside Kit

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BRP M62 Hotside Supercharger


This is what we started with.

The BRP kit included a BRP hotside M62 blower with a 70 mm throttle body, machined billet R1 manifold with 5th injector system, an ELF engine management system, a 5th injector controller and all the hardware and supporting parts to install kit. The pulley system included a six rib 110 mm crank pulley, a stock six rib 65 mm on the blower and an auto-tensioner.

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The seller also mentioned other parts that he would include. But,he could not locate them at the time. He said he would send them if he found them at a later date. Over a year went by.

Then in April of 2015 the seller contacted me and said he was sending the box of parts that he had finally found. When the boxes arrived they included a complete over the radiator intercooler kit and a fan shroud with two low profile fans! He did not even charge me the cost to ship the kit. What an awesome guy! I wish all the people I meet were as nice.

Since the kit arrived I have been collecting additional parts for the installation. I purchased RX8 yellow injectors, an AEM FIC/6 for fuel and timing management, a Boomslang ECU extension harness, a Walbro 255 fuel pump, a used PWR radiator, digital AEM wideband gauge, a Glowshift oil filter sandwich adapter, a Westach boost/vacuum gauge, a Westach oil temperature/pressure gauge, a Lo-Tek 3 gauge pillar, a TDR heat shield, a DIY universal 2.25" intercooler kit (which now is not needed).

Matt has chosen some different parts in some cases. But, he is going to push the supercharger about as far as it can be pushed. Go figure?

He purchased much larger injectors, a Flyin Miata stage 1 clutch, two 12" Spal low profile fans, a new polished stainless high flow steel exhaust system.

The complete parts list is on the next page.

So, other than the extras we run into during the install, it looks like the supercharger parts are in order and ready!

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