ZI. Painting Part #1

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Painting Part #1

I have not posted for a while since work on the car had progressed to the point that all that was left to do is the final painting. I had to wait until I saved enough money to pay for a professional paint job since I wanted the best outcome possible for the paint job. I finally did and now the project is back on track.

I took the car to Jackson Collision Paint and Body in my home town of Jackson Georgia two days ago.

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Chris started working on taping the car for paint as soon as it arrived. He planned to paint the car that day.

Chris also said he took some pictures of the painting while in progress. I will post them once he has time to send them to me.

Chris did a beautiful job on the body. I had agreed to sand and buff any imperfections to help keep the costs down. However, the body will need no buffing at all! There is no orange peel that I can find and no dust in the paint. Again this is a beautiful job!

John The Glass Guy stopped by while it was awaiting picked up and installed the new windshield. It looks great. If you need glass installed, he is one of the best.the car and returned it home today. He can be reached at 678-776-1769 and is located in Jenkinsburg Georgia.

I picked up the car and returned it home today. Chris was working on painting the hardtop and other body parts when I arrive to pick up the car. The other parts will be ready for pick up after the weekend.

I have started putting on some of the rubber trim onto the body and some of the interior parts. I have a lot of work to do now, but it should go quickly since I think I have all the parts needed.

The top is the part I have never done, but I have it clean and ready for installation including a new rain rail. Hopefully, I will get it installed over the weekend.