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Trailer Hitch


I have installed a trailer hitch on my 2000 SE Miata and my son's 2000 LS Miata. I pull a small aluminum trailer that hauls tires and tools etc. for autocross. The hitches are Class I 1.25 inch Receiver Hitches by Curt #11755. I purchased them online from Advance Auto Parts for $169.99 when they offered the 20% off with free shipping. I have purchased four of them to date.

This receiver hitch allows the removal of the ball mount leaving the hitch itself hidden under the back bumper.

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It is fully capable of pulling any light load the Miata can manage. I never found a manufacturer recommendation for towing with the Miata. However, I have had no problems with my little trailer with two sets of tires and tools.

The hardest part of the installation is drilling the four mounting holes in the rear tie down supports. I used a 1/8” drill to make pilot holes then drilled the holes out progressively in two or three steps. The pilot holes make drilling with the larger drills much easier. The top two holes usually have to be reamed out some since I have to drill them at a slight angle because my drill is too large for the space.

Once the holes are drilled the hitch bolts on easily. The nuts are attached to tabs that allow them to be installed inside the tubular section.

I also install a tail light converter. It is needed to ensure the lights work properly. I purchased part #74209 - Reese/Tail light converter with 60 in. wire and 4-way connector from AutoZone for $14.99. The wires are tapped using vampire taps which makes the installation easy. Since they are inside the trunk protected from the elements I have not had any problems using the vampire taps for this project.

I connected the wires from the light controller as follows:

· Green right turn signal wire to the Green/Black wire on the passenger’s side.

(Both sides are green and black from the connector to the fixture. The Green/White wire terminates to the Green/Black wire at the connector.)

· Yellow left turn signal wire to the Green/Black wire on the driver’s side

· Brown running lights wire to the White wire on the driver’s side

(The wiring diagram shows the Red/Black to be the correct wire. But I found it terminates on the car side of the light fixture connector. The wire from the connector to the light is White.)

· Red brake lights wire to the Green wire on the driver’s side

· Black Ground under the screw holding the trunk latch.

The passenger's side.

The driver's side.

I mounted the unit beside the latch with double-sided tape.

I installed the ribbon lead that connects to the trailer through a grommet under the spare tire. The connector was hard to push through the hole, but it finally made it through. I split the plastic grommet to accept the wire, re-installed it and let the spare tire pad sit on top of it to cushion it.

This is how it looks ready to use.

I have two more hitches to install. One for the Evolution Orange Miata and one for the 1999 AE. Maybe I will get to that some day?

I installed the hitch on the AE on 06/15/2013. It was easy after reviewing this thread for the wire connections.

I still have the Evolution Orange one left to do.