ZF. Instrument Cluster & Odometer Swap

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I like the white instrument dial faces on my 2000 SE. When I bought the 2000 Evolution Orange Miata I also purchased a 2000 SE instrument cluster from Tom at The Parts Group. I wanted to keep the original mileage on the odometer so I began researching on the internet how that could be accomplished.

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I needed to know how to get the mileage correct. First I confirmed that the odometer is the mileage storage for the NB Miata, not the PCM (ECU). There are many threads about “mileage correction” and tools to make "corrections". I do not subscribe to the idea that this is acceptable. I wanted to maintain the original mileage if possible. Or, as a last resort, install the new odometer and track the original v/s new mileage.

I found a thread in a forum while doing the research that said all that was necessary to replace the NB Miata odometer was to remove two connectors and two screws (sorry, I have not been able to find the thread again). I found that there a couple more things to consider, but the thread was basically correct. The odometer can be removed from the back of the instrument cluster without dismantling the cluster. The odometer was easy to remove once the cluster was removed from the dash.

The two Phillips head screws had to be removed. I removed the two connectors by gently twisting a small flat screw driver between the unit and the connectors. I removed the cluster lamp and using the small flat screw driver, carefully lifting the flexible pc board at the three small prongs. Once all that was loose the odometer was removed by flexing the pc board at each end enough to let the odometer clear while wiggling it to get it out of the cluster.

The original odometer was installed in the reverse order. I just had to be careful to not break the pc board and get the lamp section back to the correct location as I installed it.

So, I was able to put my original 2000 Evolution Orange odometer into the 2000 SE instrument cluster. While I have not yet powered it up, I am confident it will display the correct mileage.

Now I will have the white faced gauges I wanted!