1990 Serro Scotty 265 Restoration

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1990 Serro Scotty 265


The Scotty 265 is in good condition for a travel trailer 27 years old.

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The previous owner showed me several places where water had stained the ceiling prior to my purchase. I knew that damage can be well hidden, but the stained areas seemed to be sound and the floor is still solid. The corner seams and all the openings had been caulked with silicone in an attempt to keep water out. I knew from the silicone caulk being present that there were likely other issues underneath.

I had taken a ladder to get a look at the roof before purchase. It is a single piece aluminum sheet roof. There are only the normal openings and front and rear seams to be concerned about. The front and rear seams had been sealed several times over the years with a different material each time. I felt that I could re-do the seams and fix any openings as needed.

One of the selling points for me was that everything works. The only things I am not sure about are the drinking water tank and pump and the central heat. The previous owner never used it. The pump runs, but may need attention and the tank needs cleaning. I will have to wait until I have the gas working before checking the heater.

For the price I paid, the camper it was a good deal. Even though I have to put a little more money into it, I feel I will have a very useful camper in great shape when I finish restoring it. So, I bought it.

It is a 1990 Serro Scotty 265 FK per the inspection build sheet. It may be a custom build since it matches the floor plan of the model 290 except for the bathroom arrangement. Maybe that was a factory option, but it was not listed in the sales brochure that was with the original paperwork. The bathroom has a shower and small closet on the left side and a toilet and sink on the right side.

I guess the 290 had about three more feet to allow a large wardrobe on the right side and the bathroom all on the left side. And even though the 265 in the brochure does not show two entry doors, this one has two. One forward and one aft for the rear bedroom.

Now that I know what I have, I will begin restoration.