ZJ. Painting Part #2

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Painting Part #2

I waited on the remaining parts from Jackson Collision to be painted before proceeding with reassembly of the rest of the car. They had them ready on the Monday following the return of the car. They only had the mirrors to paint, so I took all the other parts and the hardtop home.

The parts and hardtop look just as beautiful as the car...Chris really did a great job!

I started with putting the bumper covers back on. The rear bumper cover was easiest to install. Just a couple of badges and side markers to install to get it ready.

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Badges, side markers, mounting parts, fog light sockets and the front lip had to be installed on the new front bumper cover.

The mounting brackets were removed from another bumper cover and had to be attached with rivets and some clips.

I used some rivets to mount the aluminum top support.

I used some 1/2" 3M body tape to help mount some of the parts including the front lip.

I also had to mount the new fog lights to the brackets.

I tried to mount the lights onto the car first, but found the bumper cover had to be mounted first then the lights so everything would fit.

I was disappointed that there is a small gap on each side of the front bumper cover where it meets the fender. I am not sure if I can fit it better, but may try later. It still looks OK.

Next I started working on the soft top. I had already taken the rain rail off, so I had to install the new one. I had some 5/32" x 1/4" pop-rivets and some #6 washers from my R/C model shop. I had to drill the holes out a little to receive the rivets, but it worked great.

The small nut driver was used to push the washer down and hold it onto the rivet to ensure it stayed as the rivet was popped.

First I installed some small 3/16" screws in all the holes to align the rain rail to the top. Then I took them out one at a time and replaced them with the rivets and washers.

This is how it turned out.

I then installed the top onto the car and put the bolts in to hold the frame. The steel rail was installed next. I was unsure how to install it so I found this site on the web that has some instructions and good pictures. http://mymiatarepairs.com/repairs/miata-top-replacement/

The top turned out great for a used top! Thanks to the Parts Group again.

The mirrors are all that remain. I will post some the finale with pictures in the next post.