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Anniversary Road Trip

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Anniversary Road Trip

On our recent wedding anniversary my wife and I took a trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee.  While we were there we rode some of the famous sections of mountain roads.

One of them was the Dragon's Tail on US 129.  While we were riding the route we noticed several photographers taking pictures as we passed.  I got these pictures from us129photos.com.  Thanks Dave!

MM Anniversary Trip 1

MM Anniversary Trip 2

We also found the road to the Maple Springs Observatory used in the Dragon Hill Climb and rode it to the lookout at the top. I cannot imagine how crowded it must be during the annual event.  Here is my wife and the car at the turn around.

MM Anniversary Trip 3

We walked out to the lookout platform, but Gina would not get any closer than this.  She is afraid of heights.

MM Anniversary Trip 4

MM Anniversary Trip 5

We also found other roads to ride that are off the beaten path.  One of them, Tennessee Hwy. 32 from Crosby to Waterville on the North Carolina line, has such hard switch backs that speeds were 20 mph or less for much of the route.  I found this road much more fun than the Dragon's Tail.  We saw no other cars during the time we were on the winding road. Maybe it is because the road turns into a dirt road at the North Carolina line?



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