Borla Muffler Removal

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2000 Miata SE

Borla Muffler


I drove the car on a recent trip and could not get used to the drone of the engine.  At speeds between 55 and 60 mph there is a definite drone that I do not like to listen to.  I would rather listen to my radio and talk to the person riding with me.  So, the Borla muffler is coming off my 2000 SE.

Since I had made a cutout in the rear bumper cover to match the dual tips, I wanted to make a stock muffler that had dual tips.  I purchased a tip from The Parts Group to make a non-functional dual tipped stock muffler.  I also purchased a short piece of exhaust pipe from the local parts store.

The original OEM muffler appeared to be stainless so I used some stainless wire for filler and welded the parts together with a gas torch.  I took measurements from the Borla muffler so the tip locations will match.  I also dented the new piece  where it crosses the existing exhaust pipe to make it fit better.

MM Custom Muffler 1

MM Custom Muffler 2

MM Custom Muffler 3

The new attachment of the new tip looks crude, but all that will be seen after it is installed will be the muffler tips.  

I think it came out as I planned.

MM Custom Muffler 4

MM Custom Muffler 5

I put it on the car in about 15 minutes.  I am getting good at swapping mufflers.  A little WD-40, a jack with jack stands and the right wrench is all that is necessary.

MM Custom Muffler 6

As I mentioned when I put the Borla muffler on the car "Time will tell!" (how long it would stay on the car).   Time is up!  I like a quiet car and she is quieter now.


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