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Miata Projects

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I started working on and modifying my first Miata almost immediately.  Some of the projects I did were done based on need such as maintenance, some were to make the car more suited to my needs and some were just for fun.  I was concerned about doing anything to the car at first but I have learned that these cars are well designed and constructed, so not to worry.  From there I have done many Miata projects.

There seems to be a simple trick to most of the projects I have attempted.  Knowing simple things like how a clip is removed can really save time and keep me from breaking something.  Someone out there has probably already accomplished what I want to do.  Many times they have shared their experiences online.  So, I spend a lot of time researching the projects I want to undertake.  I READ all I can about each project to avoid a lot of wasted effort.



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