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Holding Blinds

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Holding Blinds

I made some holding blinds to work with ZZ on her excitement when she knows she is about to get to retrieve at a hunt test.

I used 1/2" EMT conduit for the poles and some 12" long x 1/2" bolts for the spikes.   I turned the bolt heads to fit snuggly inside the conduit.

Then I drilled some short pieces of conduit to make foot pegs and welded everything together.

To keep the pole tops from damaging the fabric, I used some 1/2" CPVC caps and a short section of 1/2" CPVC pipe driven into the end of the conduit.

I cut the fabric, edged the top and bottom and overlapped it to make pockets that the poles slide into.

I made three blinds for a little over $100.  If you include the used sewing machine I purchased, it was just over $200.


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