F-250 Exhaust and Intake Upgrades

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Exhaust and Intake


Improvement of the air flow for my diesel seemed to offer the best bang for the buck to increase power and fuel mileage.  So, I purchased a Diamond Eye Performance 4" stainless steel exhaust system complete with down pipe K4307S from Summit Racing.  I also purchased an AEM Induction Dryflow air filter AIS-21-3059BF and a Spectre Performance  air intake tube 9749.  Hopefully, these new parts will improve the air flow.

20140625_155909 (Custom)

Removal of the OEM exhaust was easy.  I did have to make one cut to allow removal of the tail pipe so it would come over the rear axle.  I plan to keep the OEM exhaust parts so I can go back to stock if the need ever arises.

20140625_155921 (Custom)

The new parts fit well and were put together with clamps.  I made one cut to length to make it fit correctly.  I reused the OEM hangers where possible.  I did not change out the down pipe since the only difference in this one and the one I recently installed was the new one is stainless steel.  I will keep it for future use if the other one ever fails.

Now on to the new air intake.

I removed the OEM air box to make room for the new air filter and intake.

20140710_092423 (Custom)

The intake tube I bought fit directly into the OEM intake rubber and allowed direct attachment of the new AEM filter.  All that was needed was a support bracket I made out of aluminum strapping and a bolt hole in the end of the filter for attachment.   I used stainless steel hardware for the attachment.

20140710_092406 (Custom)

I used some poster board to make a template of the bracket and bent the bracket.

20140710_092950 (Custom)

20140710_094500 (Custom)

The final result turned out nice.  

20140710_094507 (Custom)

The truck should now be able to breathe.


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