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Measuring Tram

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Measuring Tram

The past few days I spent making a new tool.  I need to be able to measure the distances from fixed points to know when I have moved all the bent sections back to their permanent positions.

 I had a 72” piece of 1” square aluminum tubing and found a piece of 1-1/4” square aluminum tubing.  I made one end fixed and the other to slide with a locking screw to hold it in place.


Then I used a 14” piece of 5/16 stainless steel rod to make a pointer that also slides to allow for making measurements to uneven locations.  I found an old camper cover clamp that I fashioned into a holder for the pointer.


I plan to set the device using one of my other Miatas as a template.  I will also check measurements against the OEM Miata specs.  Hopefully, this will be accurate enough for this project.

Maybe tomorrow I can get back to work on the car.


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