W. Bodywork Part #3

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Bodywork Part #3

I started working on the hood today.  It was silver with black racing stripes painted on it.  I did not want the stripes to show later, so I decided to strip the paint on the outside of the hood.  Sanding them would never get rid of them.  Anyway, I used some Rustoleum Aircraft Stripper to remove the paint.

I taped the edge of the underside first to keep a cleaner line for the stripper to clean to.  

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 1

I had to remove the washer heads and tape over the holes to keep stripper from getting under the hood.

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 2

I used a plastic paint brush and applied the stripper liberally to about a quarter of the hood at a time.  It took about five minutes for the paint to start lifting.  I used a Bondo squeegee to scrape the paint into a plastic oil drain pail for disposal later.  The black stripes took a little longer and several places needed a second application, but all of it came off easily.  

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 3

After the paint was all off in an area, I rinsed the area with water and started the next quarter.

I then used a scuff pad to scuff the surface.  It had been done before, so it was just a matter of covering the entire area lightly again.  I then rinsed the hood again and prepared to prime it.

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 4

Once the hood was dried well in the sun, I cleaned the surface with a wax and grease remover and cleaned it with a tack rag to get the lint and dust off.  

I used two coats of epoxy primer to prime the hood.  It will be sanded smooth later before paint is applied.

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 5

MM 00 EVO Body Work3 6

Now I can scuff the inside of the hood and paint it with the orange base coat.



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