V. Bodywork Part #2

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Bodywork Part #2

I wet sanded the inside panel of the driver's side door to scuff it up for paint.  I then let it dry for several days to ensure all the water was gone.  

I took the door off the car and placed it on some sawhorses to finish scuffing it up with a scuff pad.  While I was scuffing, I noticed that clear coat had been used on the inside of the panel of the door.  I had only purchased color coat for the orange Miata because I originally thought the areas not exposed had no clear coat on them.  However, since I had just purchased some clear coat for the quarter panel repair, I already had some I could use.  

I had already removed all the parts from the door so all that was left after scuffing was to mask the side window and clean the area to be painted of oil and lint.

MM 00 EVO Body Work2 1

I then applied the color coat.

MM 00 EVO Body Work2 2

Finally, I applied the clear coat.

MM 00 EVO Body Work2 3

MM 00 EVO Body Work2 4

Another bug found a spot that will be in view once the clear coat was applied.  How can a bug do that every time I paint something?  I will sand the spot later and buff it by hand to make it look the best I can.

The rest of the door interior came out beautiful!  



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