O. Engine Bay Painting Part #1

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Painting Part #1

I talked to Barry at Jackson Collision for advice on a source for auto paint.  He uses S1ngle Source Paints in nearby Griffin, GA for his painting needs and recommended them highly.  

So, today, I paid S1ngle Source a visit.  There I met Tammie.    She sure was very nice.  I was not sure what I needed and asked a lot of questions.  She helped me find the paint I needed and mixed it while I waited.

I purchased a quart of base paint and a quart of epoxy primer.  I will use it to paint the inside the engine bay and other parts that need color on unseen areas.    

I plan to get Barry to paint the car exterior once I have prepared the car for paint.  I will have to make some more money before that can happen.

Now I can get the painting done so the engine can be re-installed.



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