M. Frame Rail Straightening Part #6

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Frame Rail Straightening

Part #6

The body shop welded the front supports to the frame rails after they straightened the rails to be sure they fit properly and to check the fitment of the rest of the sheet metal and  bumper parts.  I removed the bolted on parts and went over all the new welds.  I improved some of the welds and I added several welds to ensure all the parts were secure.

MM 00 EVO Body welds1

MM 00 EVO Body welds2

I also ground down any welds that will be exposed to view to improve their appearance.

I finished the driver's side except for plugging the hole I made near the shock mounts.  I used a green etching primer on the bare spots.  Then I used a grey primer-sealer to cover the areas affected by the welding heat and the green etching primer.

MM 00 EVO Body welds3

MM 00 EVO Body welds4

MM 00 EVO Body welds5

MM 00 EVO Body welds6

This is the final result on the driver's side.  

MM 00 EVO Body welds7

This was more work to do than I could do in one day.



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