J. Frame Rail Straightening Part #3

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Frame Rail Straightening

Part #3

The new parts arrived.  So, I got busy working on the rails again on January 31, 2013.  

I spent a lot of time today trying to decide how to measure the elevation of the front rails.  I used my 1999 AE as a guide.  I found that the car sits with the pinch weld level on both sides.  

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail1

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail2

Using that as a reference, I used the measuring tram with a level to determine if the front rails are also parallel to the floor.  I set the bar level and lowered the rod to touch the rail so I could check how to bend each rail.  Both sides of the AE were the same elevation.

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail3

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail4

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail5

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail6

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail7

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail8

I then leveled the Orange Miata by setting the pinch weld on blocks at all four corners.  Then I used the measuring tram to check each rail.  

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail9

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail10

I also checked the car was level side to side.

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail11

The passenger’s side rail was almost dead on.  

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail12

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail13

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail14

The driver’s side rail is down 1” at the front end.

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail 19

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail15

Now I have to decide what to do to bring it up.  I may have to resort to taking it to a frame shop.  If I cannot devise a way to hold the sub-frame attachment point down while jacking the rail at the end, I will not be able to make it move.

The passenger’s side headlight surround was keeping the rail from moving the other day so I removed it.  That should allow the rail to be pulled back into place.

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail16

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail17

I also had to do some dent removal in the passenger's side rail.

MM 00 EVO 3 Rail18

This rail still needs to be moved about 1/4" but it can wait until the driver's side is moved up.



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