I. Frame Rail Straightening Part #2

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Frame Rail Straightening

Part #2

I worked on the front rails again on January 29, 2013.  The driver’s side rail needed to move a little more and the passenger’s side had not been moved at all.  I placed the front end of the Miata between two pickup trucks and rigged chains to pull against the trailer hitches.  I again used wood to fill the rails down to the sub-frame mounting points.

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail1

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail2

I set the measuring tram for a diagonal measurement using my 1999 AE as a guide.  I also checked the measurements against my 1999 LS to be sure they matched.  Based on those dimensions, I pulled the rails.

I got the driver’s side to match exactly even after removing the pressure.  It took going about 1/4” beyond the dimension to ensure the correct measurement.

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail3

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail4

I could not quite get the passenger’s side to stay at the exact measurement.  Even after taking it beyond the dimension, it would not stay but is within 3/8” without the pressure applied. 

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail5

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail6

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail7

Both rails are still uneven on the Y axis.  The passenger’s side is high and the driver’s side is low.  So, when I move them up or down, I will try to get the last bit of adjustment made before trying to mount the new parts.

MM 00 EVO 2 Rail3

New parts are supposed to be here tomorrow.  The parts should help me get the final adjustments correct.



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