H. Frame Rail Straightening Part #1

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Frame Rail Straightening

Part #1

My brother was over today. So, with his extensive aircraft repair experience we made a plan on how we could straighten the driver’s side front rail.  He recommended not using heat.  Instead we should see what we could do with a cold bend.  

So, we added a few more pieces of wood and a clamp to hold it tightly inside the rail.  

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail1

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail2

Two pickup trucks were used as stationary pulling points with chain, come-a-long and straps to pull with.  As we pulled, we also jacked the end of the rail to bend it upward.

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail3

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail4

A crowbar was inserted between the A-arm mount and the buckle on the bottom of the rail to push it back in.  Behold!  The rail began to move.  It is close to where it should be based on sight alone.  

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail5

MM 00 EVO 1 Rail6

I will try to locate some dimensions to make closer measurements.  

We decided that once the engine is pulled, I will make a hole in the side of the rail and work the buckled area with a tool to persuaded to straighten a little more.  That should give me the last bit of movement needed.


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