G. Engine Bay Cleaning

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Engine Bay Cleaning

Today I cleaned the engine bay.  It was caked with greasy dirt.  Now it is clean enough to work on without gloves.  There will be a few pockets of grease where the pressure washer could not reach, but I will be much cleaner too.

MM 00 EVO Eng Bay Cleaning1

MM 00 EVO Eng Bay Cleaning2

I also decided to see if I could make a hole to work on the dented part of the rail.  I made a 1-1/4” hole so I can move up and down on the dent to beat it back straight from the inside. 

MM 00 EVO Eng Bay Cleaning3

I tried a few blows and found it is not moving.  I plan to put the pullers back on and pull then try hammering the dent.  That should make it move!

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