B. Rallycross Miata Replacement Engine

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Rallycross Miata


Replacement Engine

I retrieved a long block that I purchased locally today.  It came from a 1999 car with 72,000 miles on it.

72k Engine 1

It will be installed in the Rallycross Miata.  I have some work to do first to get it ready.  

The engine will not pass a leak down test and is leaking on #2 and #3 through the exhaust and intake so the valves may be suspect, or the head gasket may be gone.

I already have a couple of 1999 heads and one I think all it needs is valve lapping.  Hopefully, one of the heads can be brought back to life without a complete head servicing.

I also got a used flywheel, clutch plate with some life left in it and the pressure plate.  I am not sure what the clutch will look like that is in the car.  But since I do not plan to drive this car on the road, a used clutch is OK with me.

I will begin working on this project once I get a replacement transmission into the Dakota.  It died at the last Rallycross.  I got 275,000 miles out of the first transmission plus three Rallycrosses!


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