O. Rallycross Miata Soft Top Installation

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Soft Top Installation

I installed the soft top today.  It was so cold I had to wait until after lunch and set the top out in the sun for the vinyl rain rail to become pliable enough to install it.

It took me a little time to get the top positioned by myself, but I got it in.  First I bolted the three mounting bolts in to secure the frame.

20131123_092150 smaller

20131129_144750 (Custom) (1)

Then I installed the metal surrounds that hold the rain rail in.  As I installed the nuts, I made sure the rain rail was in the groove in the black top opening trim.  I also made sure to attach the two side straps before installing the smaller side surrounds.

20131123_090945 smaller

Getting this black plastic fastener back in took more effort than I expected, but it holds the corner cap and the rain rail in place.

20131123_093044 smaller

It only took about an hour and a half to get the top back in and working.  It does clear the roll bar as it opens.  However, the glass seems to ride against the sloping rails supporting the roll bar.  I hope it is not a problem, since the top will normally be down so the hardtop can be used.

Once the top was in, I installed the plastic trim.  It looks good to me!

20131124_163453 (Custom)


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