N. Rallycross Miata Rain Rail Installation

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Rallycross Miata


Rain Rail Installation

I worked on the soft top today.  The rain rail was bad and I got a new one from R-Speed.

20131127_132529 (Custom)

I removed the old one by drilling the aluminum rivets with a 3/16" drill.

20131127_132703 (Custom)

I vacuumed up the shavings and pulled the old rain rail off.  

20131127_133409 (Custom)

I found a lot of dirt under the rain rail, so I also washed the area before installing the new one.

20131127_133847 (Custom)

Also, I found this broken area on the back of the old rain rail.  This was letting a lot of water into the car.

20131127_133434 (Custom)

I used some short screws and nuts to attach the new rain rail temporarily so I could rivet it onto the soft top.  

20131127_140727 (Custom)

I used some small #6 washers that I had to drill out to 5/16" so they would fit 5/16" pop-rivets.  I put a washer on both sides.  

The small socket on the 1/4" ratchet was used to keep the washer tight while starting to pop the rivet.  

20131127_142049 (Custom)

20131127_141741 (Custom)

Now the soft top is ready to re-install.  Maybe I will get to that the day after Thanksgiving.



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