H. Rallycross Miata Engine Installation

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Engine Installation

I got a late start since my son had found some wheels and tires for Autocross and he and I rode to Marietta today to get them.  They rode home on the trailer just fine. 

20131121_121731 smaller

20131121_121836  smaller

I did get the engine back into the car today.  I had gotten the flywheel and clutch installed yesterday before knocking off of the day.

20131121_121715 smaller

So first thing to do today was to change the transmission oil.  I clamped the transmission to a table and drained the oil.  I installed Red Line oil to ensure a smooth shifting transmission.

20131121_122301 smaller

I used a small funnel and a length of rubber tubing to put the oil into the transmission.  I used some thread sealer on the plug when I put it back in.

20131121_124007 smaller

20131121_124159 smaller

Then I attached the transmission to the engine.  I think I pulled a muscle in my back trying to align the transmission!  But, I got it onto the engine and ready to install them into the car.

20131121_133623 smaller

I confess, I got my wife to assist in lowering the engine into the car.  She guided the transmission into the tunnel and kept an eye on the passenger side as we lowered the engine. Once the mounts were secured, she left me to the fend for myself for the rest of the day.  It sure was nice of her to help me.  Thanks, Gina!

20131121_135254 smaller

I got the power plant frame and the drive shaft back in, but decided to wait on the rest of the work under the car for now.  I then started attaching the parts on top of the engine.  I got most of the parts back on the intake side.  

I still have work to do on the exhaust side.  The A/C compressor and power steering pump have been re-installed.

20131121_135303 smaller

I ordered another exhaust header for the car that will not be here until next week.  So, I will focus on getting everything else completed tomorrow.

I ordered a Hard Dog Hardcore M2 Hardtop roll bar yesterday from Track Dog Racing.  It shipped today.  So, while I am waiting on the exhaust, I will prepare for the roll bar installation tomorrow also.


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