G. 1959 MGA Restoration Sill Intallation

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1959 MGA Restoration 

Sill Installation

I finally got to work on the MGA today.  I had been waiting to get a new welder and to get the lift installed.  Now I have to make time between the hundreds of other projects I seem to get involved in.  So today, I took the time to work on the MGA again.

The first order of business is to install a new rear panel to support the rear door jamb.  I already had the part I had bought cut to fit the car.  I had to modify the purchased panel since it was not correct based on the one I removed.

I finish fitted the panel and tacked it in.  The pliers are holding the panel to one of the body attachment brackets so I can weld the holes I drilled for a type of spot weld. 

MM MGA Sill Installation1

It took a while, but I got it stitched in.  

MM MGA Sill Installation2


Here is the inner sill for the driver's side as I tacked it in.

MM MGA Sill Installation3

I overlapped it at the lower rear corner for added strength.  I hope that does not cause fitment problems.

This is the final result.  I still have to grind the front section flat, but the rear section is done. 

Next I will attach the outer sills and door jambs.


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