F. 1959 MGA Restoration Sill Construction

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1959 MGA Restoration 

Sill Construction

I ordered many of the sheet metal parts I needed just after removing the wings.  Those parts have been stored in the shop for over a year now.  I believe I have enough parts to mend the body.

MM MGA Sill Construction2

MM MGA Sill Construction1

I also bought a full 5'x9' sheet of 18 gauge steel for making parts.  I made some inner sills out of the sheet since I was not satisfied with the 20 gauge inner sills I had purchased.  I did use the purchased sills as a pattern to make the new ones.

MM MGA Sill Construction4

MM MGA Sill Construction3

There are two large holes along each inner sill with indentions to make them stronger.  I punched the holes with a hole cutter and made a tool to help shape the indentions.  I tested it on some scrap metal and it worked!

MM MGA Sill Construction5

MM MGA Sill Construction6

MM MGA Sill Construction7

MM MGA Sill Construction8

MM MGA Sill Construction9

I made the inner sills all one piece.  I know this was not how the original part was made, but I think it will be better as one piece.  I used a cutter from Harbor Freight to cut out the parts.

MM MGA Sill Construction10

Now I need to get a better welder so I can install my parts!


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