E. 1959 MGA Restoration Sill Removal

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1959 MGA Restoration 

Sill Removal

I started finding more and more rust damage as I began to remove parts from the driver's side of the MGA. The sills were in poor shape including the inner sills.  Also the door jambs and rear panels were in sad shape.

MM MGA Wing and Brake Removal5

MM MGA Sill Removal1

I kept removing parts by drilling out the spot welds and using a wood chisel to separate the parts.  I kept all the parts so I can get measurements from them if needed.  I also took some measurements to use for installation.  

The bar over the door space is what I used for making measurements and what I will use for reference later.

MM MGA Sill Removal2

MM MGA Sill Removal3

MM MGA Sill Removal4

The outer sills came off first.

MM MGA Sill Removal5

MM MGA Sill Removal6

MM MGA Sill Removal7

Then the door jambs.

MM MGA Sill Removal8

MM MGA Sill Removal9

Next was the inner sill.

MM MGA Sill Removal10

MM MGA Sill Removal11

MM MGA Sill Removal12

Now I have to make some parts or get new ones. 


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